12 Years of Experience and 4.9 Stars

Our experience creates best-of-class performance and reliability, that we publish online. We've never done anything else. And our customers appreciate that experience, awarding us with a 4.9 Google Review rating! More than 16,000 dental professionals use Curve Dental every day.

Case Studies Show We're a Great Choice

When you read our case studies you'll learn two things: 1)Curve Dental will help you grow your practice; and 2)Moving to the cloud with Curve Dental is a smart move. Better data accessibility, maximum data security, no-worry data backup, and no-hassle upgrades.

Compare Us to the Competition and Win

Curve-Dental-Chart-Comparison-7-16.pngOur customers will tell you their favorite thing about Curve Dental is how easy it is to learn and use. When you compare our chart to the competition, for example, it's clear our chart is crisp, clean and simple. When you switch to Curve Dental your team will master every feature in no time.

Dollars a Day for Better Software

Chances are you're already paying upwards of $500 per month for your out-of-date software. Our ROI calculator will show you how. With Curve Dental, you'll pay just dollars per day to manage both the business side and clinical side of your practice.

We Make it Easy to Switch

4 Secrets to an Easy Switch Thumbnail 20170804.jpgWe've helped thousands of practices move to the cloud. We leverage four secret ingredients: 1)We closely follow a map of best practices that clearly shows how you'll get from out-of-date software to the cloud; 2)An experienced guide will be assigned to your practice so you'll avoid any misstep; 3)We can convert your data from old to new; and 4)We've perfected the art of training your staff without disruption to your practice and production.

Curve-Dental-2K-Credit-100X200.pngGet $2,000 in Instant Credit*—for a limited time only!

When you're serious about moving your practice to the cloud with Curve Dental, we can help by providing $2,000 in instant credit* you can apply to your data conversion or training or both. (If you're a new practice call and ask us about new practice pricing.) Some restrictions apply, so call for details*.

Call 888-910-4376 or enter your contact information at right and then watch a comprehensive demo of Curve Dental in action.

*The Fine Print: For a limited time only. You can apply your credit to data conversion or training fees. Call for details. Can not be combined with any other offer. For new customers only. This offer is not applicable to new practices; call us to see how we can help you start a new practice. Curve Dental reserves the right to cancel or alter this offer at any time without prior notification.