Your $2,000 in Credit is Waiting!

Curve-Dental-2K-Credit-100X200.pngEvery practice deserves better software. If you're chained to a server, plagued by sluggish customer service, or tired of lackluster upgrades, now's the time to switch to Curve Dental. For a limited time you'll receive $2,000 in instant credit* when you make the switch.

Apply your credit toward training, data conversion, or other implementation fees. You choose! Regardless of how you decide to use it, in the end you'll have the latest management tools at your fingertips, all on the cloud!

Super Duper Advantages and Benefits on the Cloud

  • No Data Backup Worries
  • No Upgrade Hassles
  • No Server Costs
  • Work Anywhere, Any Time
  • Save on IT and HW Costs
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Why We have the Best Dental Software for Your Practice

Simplicity-Icon.pngSimplicity.  We believe in a crisp, clean and gorgeous interface. Our chart, for example, is often called the "sexiest odontogram in the world." See why.

Experience-Icon.pngExperience. With 12 years of know how, our systems are robust and dependable. We're the only company to publish our performance stats. None of our competitors do that.

Native-Digital-Imaging.pngNative Digital Imaging. Capture direct to the cloud using nearly any sensor or camera. See our compatibility chart or call for more information.

Customer-Success.pngCustomer Success. Our customers rave about our service. You will, too. Especially when you see our latest response times--which we publish, too.

Hip-Cool-Handsom.pngHip and Cool. We'll make you look and feel like a million bucks! We have humble roots and a passion for remarkable things.

Act Now and Save!

Complete the form above or for faster service give us a call at 888-910-4376. If you're opening a new practice call and ask how we can help you get started.

The Fine Print: For a limited time only. You can apply your credit to data conversion or training fees. Call for details. Can not be combined with any other offer. For new customers only. This offer is not applicable to new practices; call us to see how we can help you start a new practice. Curve Dental reserves the right to cancel or alter this offer at any time without prior notification, something our legal counsel says we should put in writing.