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What are the most important questions to ask when buying software for dentists?

Choosing the right management software for your practice is one decision you hope to get right the first time. Our handy Dental Software Buyers Guide helps you create a useful checklist, ask the right questions, and ultimately choose well for your practice.

Probing Questions You Should Ask

    • How often is your service down? If a dental  office management software vendor is unwilling to publish their performance numbers, what does that mean?
    • If a company says they have 20+ years of experience, is that good? That depends. Download the guide to see why.
    • What about digital imaging? A native digital imaging solution is always better than a bridge or clunky integration. We'll explain why.
    • What other services can integrate with your dental software? You'll be surprised by how many can't integrate with other technologies.
    • Plus 11 Other Revealing Questions! With these you'll cut through the sales and marketing fog and get straight answers.

Why Curve Dental is at the Top of the List

    • No Server Required! A pesky server will suck $100 or more out of your wallet every month. It's a HIPAA security hassle, a target for thieves, and 1990's technology—it's old!
    • Tops in Customer Satisfaction. Our customers rank our technical service as the best they've experienced, giving us more 5-Star Google reviews thanks to 24/7/365 access.
    • Reduced IT and HW Expenses. Curve Dental doesn't require monster hardward. So, get rid of the server and expensive computers and you'll save!
    • Easy Implementation. Easy Training. Easy to Use. We utilize best practices for a smooth transition. Our training methods preserve production while boosting retention. Curve Dental is super easy to learn and use.

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