What are the most important questions to ask when buying dental software?


Choosing the right management software for your dental practice is one decision you hope to get right the first time; make sure you're asking the right questions.

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  • How often is your service down? If a dental office management software vendor is unwilling to publish their performance numbers, what does that mean?
  • If a company says they have 20+ years of experience, is that good? It depends. Download our guide to see why.
  • What about digital imaging? A native digital imaging solution is always better than a bridge or clunky integration. We'll explain
  • What other services can integrate with your dental software? You might be surprised how many can't integrate with other technologies.
  • Plus 11 more important questions! You'll cut through the sales and marketing fog to get straight answers.

Why dentists choose Curve:

  • No Server Required! Maintaining your own server is notoriously expensive and takes time away from improving the patient experience and growing your practice.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Our customers rank our technical service as the best they've experienced, thanks to 24/7/365 access.
  • Reduced IT and Hardware Expenses. Ditch your server and save!
  • Ease of Use. We know the best practices to ensure a smooth transition. Our training methods preserve production while boosting retention.

"Confident in Curve!"

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"Switching to Curve Hero from my old server based practice management software has proven to be one of the best decisions I could make. I was faced with ever-increasing server issues, and daily troubleshooting was causing me to feel more like an IT person learning on the job than a dentist on some days. Even hiring multiple IT gurus was a not a good use of my time or resources. Now that I have been with Curve for almost 4 years, I can say it has done a lot more for me than solve IT headaches. It has opened opportunities for me as a dentist that I didn't know were possible. I have since merged my practice with another dentist and opened a second location. Curve's cloud-based software has allowed us to manage 2 locations. Curve has made it much easier to manage multiple providers and staff. All we need is an internet connection. It has allowed us to centralize many of our services. The new staff we have hired on have adapted quickly to Curve and love it's intuitive features. We spend less time training new employees on how to use the software."

Why Curve Hero?

  • Our customers love that Curve dental software is 100% cloud-based, which allows them to access patient data from anywhere at any time.
  • Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and even easier for the entire office to use.
  • Our customer service team is the best in the industry — we are available 24/7 and answer your call in less than a minute.

Native Imaging

Capture digital images directly to Curve Hero with almost any sensor, pan or camera. Our dental imaging features are native to the rest of the management system — no bridges or tricky integrations.

  • Better security and hassle-free storage: Your images are backed up to multiple servers in multiple locations every hour of every day. And storage space is our worry, not yours.
  • Access your images anywhere, any time: Whether you’re at home or away from the office, you’ll always have access to your patients’ digital images.
  • Pre-set image manipulations: Record and save preferred manipulations and filters so you can quickly apply them to any images with a click of the mouse. Easily adjust contrast, brightness, gamma, rotate, sharpen and invert.

Intuitive Charting

We know you and your team spend a lot of your time charting in your dental software. Consequently, one of our biggest priorities has been making charting as simple and efficient as possible.  

  • Faster charting: The chart is designed so that restorations can be painted right on the tooth using the mouse, which means you can chart a multiple-surface restoration, like an MOD, in seconds.
  • Streamlined workflow:The chart is designed to function how the dentist or clinician does things because the chart is primarily used by a clinician.
  • Simple treatment planning:Flexibility is the key word when describing the chart. You can create multiple treatment plans and drag them around in whichever order you wish.

Patient Engagement

Curve Connex, our patient engagement module, is a suite of features that will help you stay in touch with your patients even when the office is closed.

  • Decrease no-shows with automated appointment reminders: Automatically send appointment reminders via email and/or text message. You decide when to send reminders and how.
  • Get better patient information with online forms and custom fields: A busy front desk team has more important tasks than entering data from a paper form or PDF file. Our online patient forms make it easy to capture patient information and preferences.
  • Deliver a better online patient experience: When your patients have anytime access to their online portal, they’re more likely to stay up-to-date on their payments, watch educational videos and feel more connected to your practice.

Third Party Integrations

To better serve our customers, Curve Dental has partnered with the best organizations to ensure seamless third party integrations. Your integrations live in the cloud, streamlining your work and enabling you and your staff to work remotely.


  • Patient engagement and communication platforms
  • Payment processing
  • Online reputation management and reviews
  • Electronic claims management
  • ePrescribe
  • Phone systems

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