The Top 10 Tips For New Doctors From the 10 Top Consultants

The country's top consultants have hundreds of years of collective management experience between them. We asked them what their number one tip would be for a new dentist. And they were happy to oblige. And now you can download all ten tips and put them to use in your practice right away!

Of course, we also asked another pressing question: What's the best management system for new dentists? Many said Curve Dental is an excellent choice for new dentists. Why? Because we're on the cloud (we understand what new dentists want), we have 12 years of cloud-only development experience (we have the features you're looking for), and our customer service is outstanding (we're going to treat you like the VIP you are).

Juicy Tips You Can Put to Use Right Away:

    • "Employ self-motivated, owner-mentality individuals who make up one fantastic team" -Practice Dynamics
    • "Leadership is the number one skill necessary to create the career and life you want.  It trumps every other skill..." LionSpeak, Inc.
    • "Your practice needs a Boss. If you are not the Boss, you may not like who steps up to lead your business." -Susan Gunn Solutions
    • "The first phone call is when the patient will decide to make an appointment and more importantly, keep it! They will ask about insurance – be ready!" -Odyssey Management

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