Why Experience Matters Most

    • Customer Service. We answer your call in about 49 seconds and get you back to work in less than 8 and a half minutes (as of October 2017)! We’re the only dental software company to publish these kinds of numbers, so we must be the best in profession!
    • Dependability. Our infrastructure has a 12-year proven track record. We've already experienced the major bumps any software company will face on the road to the cloud. Our customers pay for our experience, not inexperience!
    • Up Time. Our current up time performance is 99.992% (as of October 2017), a number we publish. Our competitors won't do that, and you have to wonder why.
    • Innovation. While your software company was still monkeying around with servers and CD-ROMs, Curve Dental was perfecting on-the-fly upgrades and keystroke-by-keystroke data backup.

12 Years of Cloudy Experience and Innovation


Curve Dental was founded by a young entrepreneur with a vision to change the dental technology footprint.


Completes model of cloud-based management system. With the concept proven the team doubles down R&D.


Releases first generation system for dental practices. What was your dental software company doing in 2007?


Expands existing feature set and begins to retool for a second-generation, cloud-based management system.


Releases second-generation, cloud-based management system. Experience with first version propels market response.


Voted Best in Class by the Pride Institute. The dental profession begins to take notice of striking design and easy of use.


Releases cloud-based digital imaging solution. Doctors can capture images directly to the cloud. Voted Best in Class by the Pride Institute, again. Provides electronic statements.


Integrates with SolutionReach. Bi-directional flow of data provides a seamless user experience. Is your dental software company still monkeying around with servers?


Launches automated appointment reminders by text or email. Provides additional integration with Bluefin Payment Systems, DemandForce, and NEA.


Launches next generation odontogram, automated scheduling refresh. Enhanced charting makes for an easier user experience.


Introduces new integrations with DrFirst ePrescribe, Jive VoiP, and Lighthouse360. The Curve Dental ecosystem expands.


Launches online patient forms. Patient can complete any form from any location using any device; all info is written directly to the patient's record.


Announces practice analytics, KPIs and dashboards. Native, on-the-fly numbers will provide doctors with actionable data. 

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