Use this Handy Worksheet to See How Much You're Already Paying for Dental Software. You'll Be Surprised!

If you've heard that dental software for the cloud is "just too expensive" then somebody's not done the math. If you're brave enough to do the math you'll see that Curve Dental delivers much, much more for your technology dollar.

Here's a fact: You're already paying dollars every month to keep and maintain your current dental software—and you'll be suprised by how much. When you make the smart switch to Curve Dental you'll simply transfer dollars you're spending on out-dated technology to the current technology standard and get more for your money.

Technology Costs You've Probably Not Considered:

    • Software Maintenance. You may have remembered about the annual or monthly fee you pay for support for your dental software, but there may be other maintenances fees you're not including.
    • IT Services. Go ahead and run a payables report to see what your're paying annually for IT help. Then download the worksheet to see how to factor these costs into your analysis.
    • What About Hardware Costs? Your computers are key to calculating your total technology cost. We'll explain why and how.
    • Other Integrated Services. Patient communication services, online forms, anayltics, electronic services, and more! We have the whole list for you.
    • Plus 7 Others! Download our FREE worksheet to see what they are.

Why Curve Dental is a Better Choice

    • No Server Required! A pesky server will suck $100 or more out of your wallet every month. It's a HIPAA security hassle, a target for thieves, and 1990's technology—it's old!
    • Tops in Customer Satisfaction. Our customers rank our technical service as the best they've experienced, giving us 5-Star Google reviews thanks to 24/7/365 access.
    • Reduced IT and HW Expenses. Curve Dental doesn't require monster hardward. So, get rid of the server and expensive computers and you'll save!
    • Easy Implementation. Easy Training. Easy to Use. We utilize best practices for a smooth transition. Our training methods preserve production while boosting retention. Curve Dental is super easy to learn and use.

To learn more call 888-910-4376 or complete and download our worksheet today!